About the Conference

Since their calamity in 1948, the Palestinians, inside Palestine and abroad,  carried the burden of their cause endeavoring to liberate their land  and returning to it, and claiming their right of self determination according to their choices.

With all the developments that occurred after, especially after the Zionist occupation to the rest of the Palestinian territories in 1967, national activism and freedom fighting escalated among  our people. The Palestinians abroad carried a massive share of the cause’s burden, and they continued to do so until the Zionist occupation to Lebanon in 1982, where their role was significantly affected by the exit of Palestinian resistance from Beirut at that time.

With the launch of the first Intifada at 1987 and all the subsequent events, the core weight of the Palestinian cause shifted again to the Palestinian territories; while Oslo accords in 1993 lead to the decline of the role of our people abroad in carrying their cause and defending it. This decline almost confined Palestinian activism to some civil society efforts to maintain Palestinian refugees right of return.

In the wake of the developments in the region, and the continued targeting of the Palestinian people rights; and after 50 years of occupation of Al Quds (Jerusalem) and after  one hundred years of  issuing Balfour Declaration; it became crucial for our people abroad to move and restore their role in the Palestinian issue as an integral role with that of our people inside occupied Palestine, and work to protect their national rights in their land, and their right to return and self determination and stop any attempts to deny their rights or tamper with it.